How about a loan to FCZ, Josip Drmic?

Josip Drmic, at the 2-0 opening of the season against Leverkusen you weren’t on Gladbach’s line-up. Are you stricken?
Josip Drmic: Neither. I’m fit and healthy. I claim that I had a good preparation and am ready for the season. I feel really good physically.

Still, you’re not even on the bench. Disappointed?

Of course I’m not happy, and of course I’m dissatisfied with the situation. Like every footballer, I want to play. But I must neither be disappointed nor angry, because it was somehow foreseeable.

Why foreseeable?

The club was very honest with me. Even before the World Cup, Max Eberl told me in a personal conversation that the club wouldn’t mind if I reoriented myself. That was of course first of all a slap in the face, if you get something like that said. But Max Eberl had other ideas and explained them to me early on. Despite everything, I appreciate this honesty.

The transfer window closes on Friday. Why are you still in Gladbach?

Probably because everyone immediately thinks of my long break because of my knee. In 2016 and 2017 I was therefore out for some time. I suppose that the interested club lets be more careful. Whereby there is no reason to worry: I’m one hundred percent fit, and my knee doesn’t cause me any problems at all anymore. Racebets Review is where you will know all about horse racing bets.

Maybe it’s because of the transfer fee. Gladbach is supposed to charge you between four and five million euros, even though you’ll be free in a year.
I don’t know exactly. And I don’t comment on any numbers either. I only know: I am not a bargain in the clearance sale. In the final phase of last season, I played Bayern, Freiburg and Hamburg. I played Costa Rica in the World Cup and was in the last 16 against Sweden for 90 minutes. I worked incredibly hard, and there’s still a lot going on in me.

What about a loan? After all, it’s not just your main club, FCZ, who are looking for a photographer …
Since my contract with Gladbach expires in one year and is not extended, a loan business is not an issue.

kick balling

Somehow a messed up situation.

What good is it to complain? That’s how the football business is sometimes. It can also be tough business. Whereby I really don’t blame Max Eberl. He has other plans. He always told me that honestly. Which is an exception in today’s football. Let’s wait and see what else happens. The transfer window is still open for a short time. I’m ready – for a new challenge. And if need be, I will also accept the challenge of proving myself anew with Gladbach and showing that they were wrong with their idea of giving me up. Planet Casino review will show you the pros and cons of the site and how exciting it is.

How do you behave in the training sessions?

Between 2016 and 2017, I haven’t been able to stand on the football pitch for almost a year. A year without my passion. That’s why I enjoy every moment on the pitch, even though the situation isn’t easy. I am not a stubborn person. I want to play. And for that I give my best. I push myself, step on the gas, my training performances are right. I love my job. You will never experience that I put my head in the sand.

And what does your coach Dieter Hecking say? Is he talking to you?

Yes, we talked to each other. The coach even complimented me recently. He said that I am behaving very positively and that I am fully committed. He likes my body language and my attitude.

Soon the transfer window will be closed. If you don’t change, there’s a threat of a season in the stands.
I hope not. I have invested so much. If you work hard and believe in yourself, you don’t sit in the stands.

Dieter Hecking Honours


VfB Lübeck

  • Regionalliga Nord: 2001–02 (Promotion to 2. Bundesliga)
  • Schleswig-Holstein Cup: 2001

Alemannia Aachen

  • 2. Bundesliga promotion: 2005–06

VfL Wolfsburg

  • DFB-Pokal: 2014–15
  • DFL-Supercup: 2015


  • German Football Manager of the Year: 2015

When Drmic plays, he hits the target.

After a long injury break (cartilage damage), Josip Drmic scored 4 goals on his return at the end of last season in 6 matches. Every 86 minutes a Drmic goal. Drmic is also our only striker who scores at the World Cup. Back in Gladbach: two test game appearances, two goals. But since it’s serious, he’s been sitting in the stands. There are lots of Betway Reviews out there but be careful to read the legit ones.

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The chaotic ones only pulled themselves together during the game

On Sunday afternoon, half a dozen box vans and a water cannon were ready in front of the Letzigrund. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was relaxed: the fans sat relaxed in the garden stains or strolled light-heartedly to the entrances.

BLICK also went into the south bend. At the entrance not even the bag was checked. A completely mixed audience stood on the steps: from six-year-old girls to 60-year-old thoroughbred fans. Some teenagers were so young that they had their mothers with them.

Every now and then they show their middle finger

„Whoever gumpet nöd, isch kein Zürcher“, sang the fans in the standing room and clapped, led by two guys with megaphones. Right at the front of the railing, the young, sturdily built guys with partially shaved skulls crowd together. From time to time they show their middle fingers to the FCB fan curve.

When the goal for the Basler falls in the 39th minute, the Muttenzer curve ignites Pyros. The same in the south corner when FCZ scores the equaliser in the 77th minute. That was it with the goals. And the atmosphere was neither particularly euphoric nor particularly in the cellar.

lawn soccer

Stunk was only sought by the Baslers

After the match, the FCZ fans strolled comfortably to the public transport stations in the warming evening sun. The Basel fans were much less peaceful. „When the fan march from Basel arrived at Altstetten station, 15 to 20 people wearing FCB balaclavas ran off on passers-by and tried to attack them,“ reports a photographer from BRK News. Immediately the police used rubber shot. Tipico Casino Review will help players learn how to get their free bonuses.

Soon after, the extra train started, but after 100 meters someone pulled the emergency brake. A few FCB fans got off the train, but the police pushed them back with rubber shot and tear gas. The FCBers barricaded themselves in the train, which finally drove back to Basel after about 20 minutes.

Two fights in Zurich the day before

The day before, there had also been two incidents in Zurich during soccer fan trips. During the night on Saturday, several people fought each other in the middle of Villabassa. One man remained seriously injured, another fled to the Rudolf Brun Bridge, but was caught up by his opponents and attacked again. Skybet Review is a site where you will gain knowledge about online gambling such as horse racing, football and many more.

A patrol of the Zurich city police noticed what was happening and followed the group of perpetrators back to Niederdorf. There they arrested a 24-year-old man, but several people, some of them wearing FCZ fan clothing, threw objects at the police officers.

On Saturday afternoon, a similar incident occurred in the Langstrassen underpass in Zurich. When the Zurich city police went into a mass brawl between two groups, they were attacked. According to the police, the groups could be assigned to the football fan camp because of their clothing. In the incident, a police woman and a participant in the mass brawl were injured. Stargames Casino is one of the great gaming portals online.

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