4 Interesting Facts about the Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival is a much-awaited event of the year for the entertainment industry. The city gets filled with stars every year. You can see your favorite actor or actress standing on the red carpet. Some of the best films of the year are shown at this festival. Here are some interesting facts you should know about the Cannes Film Festival.

It almost didn’t happen

The reforming education minister of France, Jean Zay was the first person to come with the concept of having a global film festival. However, not enough money could be collected for hosting the event.

The war also broke out and the Cannes festival didn’t happen. Finally in 1946, after the war, it started and now continues to be one of the largest events in the entertainment sector today.


Burglary was a common event at the Cannes. Some of the biggest jewelry heists took place at this event. In 2013, a robber took gems worth about 103 million euros from the Carlton hotel that was supposed to be shown at a diamond exhibition. In 2015, about 17.5 million euros of jewelry was stolen from the Cartier shop.

The trophy

The trophy you get for winning is a beautiful Golden palm branch. It’s worth 20,000 euros and is made of 18-carat gold. Two awards are made each year in case of an accident.

Contribution of the British

Cannes was a fishing village. The British made it into a fashionable resort. The British industrialists and aristocrats built their winter homes here.

Every year people involved in the movie industry wait for this great event to showcase their talents. It’s a place where you can build some great networks as well.

Entertainment Movies

5 Reasons ‘Shape of Water’ was the Best Picture Winner

‘Shape of Water’ got the Oscar award for Best Picture. Many people predicted the result and finally, it has come true. It’s a wonderful sci-fi romantic film and here are the reasons why it was selected as the best picture winner.

The story

It’s a fairy tale about a woman falling in love with a fish-like creature. The wonderful friendship that develops between them has been portrayed beautifully by the director.

The acting

The acting of both Doug Jones and Sally Hawkins were noteworthy. There was no dialogue, only the expressions and movements could tell about the relationship they were developing. They both portrayed the characters beautifully and captured the audiences’ attention throughout the movie.

Below the line support

A movie cannot be so successful without a strong support team. The costume design, cinematography, editing, sound, etc. were amazing. The movie got an award in some of these categories as well. It was the combined effort of many people to make this movie so successful.

The visuals

The visuals of the film are just amazing. Each frame is shot beautifully. People loved the visual effects used in the movie. It just made the movie so much alive.

It was a box office success

The movie was very successful in the box office. People loved the movie and it was after many years that a movie got such wide acceptance from people all around the world.

‘Shape of Water’ is simply a magical movie. You will not feel bored watching it. It’s heartwarming and a great movie to watch. It has been liked by the critics as well. There were not many contenders to beat this film. So, it won the best picture award.