5 Reasons ‘Shape of Water’ was the Best Picture Winner

‘Shape of Water’ got the Oscar award for Best Picture. Many people predicted the result and finally, it has come true. It’s a wonderful sci-fi romantic film and here are the reasons why it was selected as the best picture winner.

The story

It’s a fairy tale about a woman falling in love with a fish-like creature. The wonderful friendship that develops between them has been portrayed beautifully by the director.

The acting

The acting of both Doug Jones and Sally Hawkins were noteworthy. There was no dialogue, only the expressions and movements could tell about the relationship they were developing. They both portrayed the characters beautifully and captured the audiences’ attention throughout the movie.

Below the line support

A movie cannot be so successful without a strong support team. The costume design, cinematography, editing, sound, etc. were amazing. The movie got an award in some of these categories as well. It was the combined effort of many people to make this movie so successful.

The visuals

The visuals of the film are just amazing. Each frame is shot beautifully. People loved the visual effects used in the movie. It just made the movie so much alive.

It was a box office success

The movie was very successful in the box office. People loved the movie and it was after many years that a movie got such wide acceptance from people all around the world.

‘Shape of Water’ is simply a magical movie. You will not feel bored watching it. It’s heartwarming and a great movie to watch. It has been liked by the critics as well. There were not many contenders to beat this film. So, it won the best picture award.

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My father died in the bed next to me

Suddenly Stephen Odey (20) is in the spotlight! With Raphael Dwamena (22) and Michael Frey (24) two attackers leaving FCZ in August, Odey is the only striker in the squad. At least until the arrival of a new commitment, which Zurich is looking for intensively. Odey: „Nothing changes for me. I’m still working hard, trying to help the team and score as many goals as I can“.

The fact that Odey is now in the FCZ focus has also been registered in Nigeria. The striker grew up without worrying about poverty in a middle-class neighbourhood in Lagos, a moloch with millions of inhabitants. „Many friends and acquaintances have become FCZ fans because of me. There are already many jerseys in circulation,“ says Odey with a smile. It’s clear that his two brothers, his sister and his mother are also keeping their fingers crossed from afar. „I miss them very much,“ he says, and also means his dad. One of the trusted online casino is the Ladbrokes Casino.

„My father died when I was 15 years old. He died one night in the bed next to me. That was very hard, but life must go on,“ Stephen sadly tells his family drama. The father had malaria. „It had been unnoticed in his body for a long time. He worked in the military and always thought that nothing could harm him“.

world cup

Stephen Odey Honours


  • Player of the Month, NPFL League Bloggers Award: January 2017
  • Player of the Month, NPFL League Bloggers Award: March 2017

FC Zürich

  • Swiss Cup: 2017–18

Father planned army career for Odey

But as brutal as it sounds, without his father’s death Odey would hardly be a professional footballer today. As a child, he kicks every free minute on the artificial turf right next to his parents‘ house. „My father didn’t want me to play football, and planned an army career for me. He was in the Air Force,“ says the 20-year-old. His talent is obvious at school, but even an offer from the Barcelona Academy in Lagos couldn’t soften Dad’s mind. LeoVegas Casino is one of the popular provider of mobile online games.

The football train seems to have left. The coach of Mountain of Fire and Miracles FC (MFM FC for short) remembers Stephen, whom he knew from school. Odey joins a club for the first time as an 18-year-old (!) – MFM FC is immediately promoted to the first league, where Odey immediately becomes a top scorer.

At the age of 19, Odey made his Nati debut and transferred to FCZ. What a lightning rise! Odey: „The Nati squad is still incredible. There are 190 million Nigerians. And then the Nati coach calls me, who has never played in a U team.“

In Zurich he still fights with the German language, but in terms of football, coach Ludovic Magnin attests him great progress. Now Odey should soon be facing competition again: But the Nigerian prefers to play in a two-man storm anyway! BetVictor Casino is now possible to access in mobiles.

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